Group Building Dinner 2022-01-07

Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. held a group building dinner on the day of January 6, and the company's friends actively participated in the event.

The event is scheduled to be at the barbecue restaurant. The employees of Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. booked the barbecue restaurant on their mobile phones early, read the menu online in advance, and ordered delicious meals. After get off work, Feistel The employees of Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. packed their things, handled their work well, organized their work stations, and then they all set off to the barbecue restaurant.

Everyone walked side by side on the road, happily chatting about the problems encountered during work today, some problems with the company’s products, the sales of retractable boards and folding tables in the past two days, etc. In less than a few minutes, everyone arrived and ordered an early barbecue. In the shop.

After the staff expired, the waiter started to put on the charcoal fire. As soon as the charcoal fire was on, everyone took off their coats because the charcoal fire was too warm. The dishes are being served, and the meat is served one after another. Everyone can’t hold back their own moods, and they start roasting one after another. The waiter also enthusiastically helped take pictures. Everyone toasted together and happily waited for the barbecue to be cooked.

Everyone ate while roasting. Pieces of meat were roasted and sizzled with oil. They were put on the lettuce and eaten in one bite. It was really feasting. In the middle, everyone started to eat some vegetarian dishes to relieve the greasiness. Colleagues helped pass the food to each other before. I have to say that the team cohesion of Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. is very good.

At the dinner table, everyone happily toasted to each other. The happy time was always short. After eating and drinking, everyone said goodbye and returned to their homes. Through this dinner, team cohesion was increased, and the happiness of the whole team was greatly enhanced. To improve, I hope that the employees of Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. will get better and better!

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