A Good Day Starts with a Morning Meeting 2022-01-10

A beautiful day starts with the morning meeting. Today is Monday, the first day of the week. Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. held a morning meeting every day as scheduled. Today is a morning meeting with the theme of "Happy work, serious life". Yes, within 15 minutes.

After the morning meeting every day, everyone starts a day's work. Today, the morning meeting is hosted by Chris, an employee of Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd., and the morning meeting begins. The host invites an employee of Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. to stand together. On the podium, I led everyone to dance this month's new dance "Catch the Money Dance". After everyone happily danced the dance that means making a fortune in the new year, the host of today's morning meeting said hello to everyone, and everyone responded together, "Okay, good, very good!"

Next, the host of today's morning meeting led everyone to read the "Striver Manifesto" together, and played the game of this morning meeting to find the difference. Everyone was divided into three groups, and the questions were also divided into three groups. The first group began to answer the questions. The other two groups also actively helped out if they found something. The whole conference room was full of laughter.

Next, there will be a sharing session of tomorrow's stars. The host counts data for several days and selects the candidates for tomorrow's stars. First of all, tomorrow's stars will share some of their work experience with you, and how to solve some work problems. After sharing, you can ask some related questions, and the sharer will answer the corresponding insights according to the questions. Finally, the product knowledge and characteristics of the products such as outdoor tables, outdoor chairs, outdoor beds, trolleys, retractable stools, hooks, hammocks, floor mats, etc. of Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. were shared.

After sharing, Feistel Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. rewarded the rising star, and each person was rewarded with a red envelope according to the number of obtaining the rising star. The red envelope contained cash and some small gifts. The employees who won the Star of Tomorrow went to draw red envelopes one after another. Everyone can go to get the corresponding prize according to what they have drawn. In the end, everyone stood together and took a group photo happily.


Through the holding of the morning meeting every day, it can well arouse everyone's enthusiasm for work, can better return to work, start a good day's work, and truly achieve "happy work and serious life"

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