Preparations for The Annual Meeting 2022-01-11

The Spring Festival is our most traditional festival. In order to welcome the new year, Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. is preparing an annual meeting for employees. Everyone will participate in the annual meeting. Everyone is busy thinking about the company's new year What kind of program will be prepared.

There are only two short weeks before the annual meeting. Everyone spares time every day to arrange programs. As soon as everyone arrives at the company in the morning, they actively participate in the morning meeting. After the morning meeting, everyone returns to work. In the middle, we enthusiastically reply to customer's questions, solve customer's problems, and introduce our products such as telescopic stools and folding tables to new customers. Some colleagues also go to our factory to help check the production progress and control the quality of products. Problems, let customers receive products that we have carefully checked without problems.

In the afternoon, I have to contact the logistics, help with packing and shipping, and carefully package each product, so that customers can feel our intentions when they receive it. In their spare time, everyone will gather together to discuss the programs prepared for the annual meeting and revise the lines. In this annual meeting, everyone voted for the host of this year's annual meeting. The hosts also began to write their own host speeches according to the annual meeting plan. Some friends have already started to rehearse their own programs, and those who have no time Use the time after get off work to rehearse at home.

Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd., through the holding of the annual meeting, is conducive to employees to release work pressure, enhance employees' sense of belonging, and can better display their personal talents and corporate culture. Inspire everyone to be a better version of themselves.

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