Trophy 2022-01-14

Time flies, 2021 has passed, 2022 has arrived, what kind of achievements have you achieved in the past year? Let's start the new year thinking about what we have achieved through our own efforts in the past year.

This year we have not only gained material satisfaction, but also customers from all over the world for the products of Anhui Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. outdoor tables, outdoor chairs, outdoor beds, trolleys, retractable stools, A favorite for hooks, hammocks, floor mats.

How long is a year? In the eyes of some people, it is very long, and in the eyes of others, it is very short. It is indeed time to come to 2022 quickly. Several employees who have made significant contributions to the company, the business department has selected the sales champion, sales runner-up and sales third runner-up of the sales department in 2021. The general department of Anhui Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. selected the best service star in 2021. The selection method is through collective voting, and the one with the highest number of votes is selected as the best service star in 2021.

Anhui Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. has customized exclusive trophies for outstanding employees. The golden trophy is engraved with the honorary title and the name of the person who has won the honor. Anhui Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. will prepare the annual outstanding employees. An honorary award ceremony.

Small trophies carry great honors. The establishment of trophies is a form of reward and encouragement for employees of Anhui Feistel Outdoor Product Co., Ltd. A better version of ourselves, we will all achieve new breakthroughs in 2022, getting better every year.

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